About Zezero

Hi everybody!

We are ZEZERO, two best friends from Riga and together we have five children. This is also the main reason we are increasingly asking ourselves - what will happen to this world? What will remain for our children and how can we help?

Zezero is our little fight - we can support sustainable and environmentally friendly production. And even if you feel nothing is changing, look around, the change is already happening. Every time you choose sustainable products you are encouraging change.

Only sustainable products can be purchased here, from manufacturers who care about the environment and the world, sustainable production is the cornerstone of the future. Zezero offers the best local bulk products as well as great products from around the world that are manufactured responsibly and with care for our future and the environment.

Care for the environment and the planet is the norm, let's work on it.

Contact us

Do you have any question? Or maybe you just keep some nice sustainable/zerowaste product in your stash? Contact us and we will be happy to hear.